Let’s Catch Up A Little

Possums are always great for photos. I show Daddy where they are, and (mostly) wait for him to do photos before I move and spook the poss.
Sometimes, Poss is at a distance, and Daddy has to play little tricks with lighting.
Here are two Double-barred Finches, with a house-sparrow between them. Now you can see how small these cuties are!
This is me, on Couch Patrol beside Daddy.
I still love going over the embankment, running above Daddy’s head height. We also stop so I can jump up for cuddles: it saves the Old Man from bending, and I get to slurp him in the ear.
It’s a good thing we have lots of possums, because sometimes they don’t know basic road safety.

At least this chappie’s relatively safe here, up a tree.

One thought on “Let’s Catch Up A Little”

  1. Flash photography is a bit much, eh, pup! Good thing your Daddy is usually such a considerate picture taker.

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