Poles Apart

First, Acacia Possum was waiting, just up the street from home.

Most of the walk was photographically unremarkable (Daddy didn’t shoot hares, or Mr Bare-Bum Bandicoot), but I’m glad somebody mowed the weeds at the spot where I jump up for my Embankment Run.

And it seems everybody wants to get in on the act! As we came home, not far from the pole where Acacia had been, Banana was ready to ascend.

Night of the Critters/Critters of the Night

Daddy says it was a bad night for photography. Humidity was just topping 100 per cent, so all these big water droplets were floating on the air, making it look like the camera was under a cloud of dandruff.

Acacia Possum was waiting, but not keen to be noticed.

Hares just near the Transport Facility were not well-camouflaged for once.

There were other hares, including one at mid-point, but the photos weren’t up to much.

Daddy stopped, on the outward trip, to bend back the weeds from the blocks where I like to jump up on the embankment. I haven’t done it for a few nights.

Walking up behind Best Hare Paddock, we saw Mr Bare-Bum Bandicoot, but he was fast, and got into the long grass before Daddy had the camera out.

After a couple of hares, we met another bandicoot, who was calm enough to let us get relatively close.

Here’s a shot from a few paces nearer…

And that weed-bending paid off for Daddy and me: we ran the embankment!

Posing Possums On Parade

First, we met Acacia, ready by her power-pole.

She left, demonstrating why Brushtail Possums have that name.

Turning the corner, we met another little cutie.

And yet another was climbing a tree, a few yards further downhill.

Pin-up material?

We also met Mr Bare-Bum Bandicoot, who proved, yet again, impossible to photograph clearly.

We’ve had a few hot days, and tonight was still rather warm, so I d1dn’t do the Embankment + Agility thing. Daddy looked wrecked enough as it was.

We went home, where I had a long burst of Yard Zoomies (saved up from yesterday), a wash, some Nice Things, and a long sleep with my head on Daddy’s shoulder.

Because I am a kindly Dogg, I only slept across the middle two-thirds of the pillow area.

10 Jan 2017 – Hoots, Mon, from the Highlands!

First of all, let me say Daddy is stretching the pun too far!

Tawny Frogmouth is NOT an owl, for a start. Also, Frogmouths don’t hoot: they go MOOP-MOOP-MOOP.

Well. at least he was at Second High Point, where Daddy takes all those shots looking over the suburbs to Mount Doom.

And now, in news that really matters…

…Excellent Dogg and Daddy ran the embankment again this morning.

I also behaved myself very well when we encountered the rude, stumbling guest of Mrs Shouts-Loudly-To-Herself-When-All-Alone, and let Daddy tell him in Firm, Polite, Extremely Cold Voice that walking a dog is still allowed round here.

My Morning, Saturday 03 December 2016, by Emmalumpdogg – Misty

2:33 – Daddy wakes.

2:45 – After Mum works her magic with footwear, love and safety warnings, we step into a conditions-corrected 20.2°C (or 68°F), 99% humid, 0.mm (no) rain overnight, no moon and there’s a 30km/h ENE wind. It is EXTREMELY foggy.2016-12-03_0249_img_9806-fog-en-route-to-transport-facility

We don’t meet any critters, and the fog (or is it low cloud climbing the range?) muffles most sound. Daddy’s hair, Sweaty Vest, and beard are dripping with condensation. I get away mainly dry, perhaps because I’m closer to the ground.2016-12-03_0251_img_9808-transport-facility-gate

3:04 – First High Point is deserted. Daddy notes that the far end of the shopping centre is not visible, despite having lots of bright signage.

3:15 – Mid-point. This is a surreal trudge through a yellow-glowing mist. (Street lighting colour is a factor here.)

3:20 – Down in the little Embankment/Creek Triangle, we meet Big Bad Persian Cat again. Or is he Persian? One of those chappies with the white body, but blue-grey face, paws and tail, he is. (Yoda, I am not.)2016-12-03_0320_img_5753-feral-persian-at-creek


Also the cat is very unkempt: for one of such obvious breeding, he’s come a long way down.

We do hear Cat Love Songs when we’re a little further off. Perhaps he fancies a bit of rough.

We go over PINGPINGPING Crossing, and attempt to do some tracking in Best Hare Paddock. After Daddy turns his ankle in a few holes, we move to the path south of Best Hare. 2016-12-03_0327_img_9811-best-hare-to-foggy-pingpingping-intersection


3:44 – Embuggerance – Pass 2 – We meet Mr Flying Saucer Spotter. It’s not that he spots UFOs, it’s more a frame of mind.

Chap’s all done up in a shirt and tie, quite a distance from anyplace civilised, and the first thing he says upon seeing us arrive, all red flashies for safety, is… “Yellow is more efficient, you know.”

He repeats himself, and explains that research has shown that yellow light is more effective in fog.

Daddy says the flashing reds are our usual equipment.

For some reason or another, Daddy can be quite tolerant of Homo aspergensis.

UFO Spotter then says “Your dog is quite excitable.”

“She’s not terribly social.” – Daddy.

Pedantically, in a voice that Marvin the Martian would envy, UFO Chappie applies Inappropriate Correction: “I said she’s excitable, not social.”

“You be sure to have a safe walk”, says Daddy.

At least we’re going in the opposite direction, or I might have had to gnaw off one of my own legs so we could slow down and escape.2016-12-03_0346_img_9815-underpass-from-creek-bridge

3:46 – Underpass. I pose, and Daddy sees not much but water vapour in the flash. The picture turned out okay, though.

Duh! Tag should read 0346.

3:54 – Trackerland is empty.

4:05 – Home. I race round the yard with my new Squeaky, delightedly piercing the night with dense EEK noises.

This, of course, provides me with n opportunity for a wash, and some rewards.

Then I let Daddy sleep till 7:00. Breakfast is duly demanded and served.



The Flying Saucer Spotter Voice explained – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM_3rw28YuU