My Morning – 22 December 2016 – by Emma

Poor silly old Daddy! He can’t sit at a desk for long, or his arthritis-stricken bits (up where ribs meet spine) play up, and he gets all kinds of false nerve signals that say his legs are on fire, or badly bruised, or other such things.

I got him to sit down and make some photos for me. Perhaps we’ll do some catch-up over the break.

My Morning, Monday December 05 2016, by Emmalumpdogg – A Body In Motion

3:00 – Daddy wakes.

3:15 – Thanks to Mum’s preparations, we head off into a conditions-corrected 20.3C (or 68.5°F), 99% humid, (no) rain overnight, no moon and there’s a 22km/h ENE wind. It’s overcast and there’s trace fog.

3:23 – Daddy’s new headtorch shows up a rabbit and a hare, grazing together at Transport Facility gate. Hare leaves quickly.2016-12-05_0326_img_5781z_rabbit-transport-facility

A few birds try pre-dawn practice as we head uphill in the dark.

3:39 – First High Point is deserted again. This is good. On the way downhill, it’s quiet. Just one passing car.

3:52 – Mid-point. No possums, but I spy a hare across the road. Headtorch 1, Hare nil!2016-12-05_0356_img_5783_hare-across-from-underpass

4:01 – Embuggerance – Pass 1 – We cross at the PINGPINGPING. Daddy makes me wait, and won’t press the button till approaching cars or trucks have gone. He showed me a truck doing a late-night red-run on this crossing, once, as we were approaching from uphill.

Up South Best Hare Track. Bandicoot was hiding in the grass. He doesn’t fuss, just walks off, breaking into a run when he thinks it’s best. The light’s a bit hard to shoot moving bandies, so no picture.

There was no other wildlife.2016-12-05_0418_img_9817_overcast-dawn-best-hare-paddock

4:23 – Embuggerance – Pass 2 – Again we wait for a truck, and I get a little skittish.

4:28 – Underpass. I pose, but only momentarily. Aaaaaaaagiiiiiiliiiiiityyyyyyyyy Ruuuuuuuuuunnnnn!2016-12-05_0430_img_5788_emma-embankment-in-motion

4:40 – Trackerland isn’t much fun when no critters are there.

3:53 – Home. Zoomies, pool dip, mud, wash, treats, sleep!