Still Beastly

Daddy couldn’t get a good shot, but the sight of two boy hares, backlit by the huge floodlights of the Transport Facility, all reared up and boxing like they were silly hu-mans on a TV sport broadcast, was truly amazing.

Then there was Antonio Bandicoot. He has a tail, unlike Mister Bare-Bum.

Antonio’s territory seems to be further uphill on the South Best Hare pathway: Bare-Bum stays downhill and crosses on to the railway.

Daddy did an extra-special FAST run with me this morning. He is still going “Ouch” on occasions, but I did so enjoy my agility gallop!

Down near the creek, in Cheeky Rabbit Yard, we saw Kauri Possum up a Silky Oak tree.

Night of the Critters/Critters of the Night

Daddy says it was a bad night for photography. Humidity was just topping 100 per cent, so all these big water droplets were floating on the air, making it look like the camera was under a cloud of dandruff.

Acacia Possum was waiting, but not keen to be noticed.

Hares just near the Transport Facility were not well-camouflaged for once.

There were other hares, including one at mid-point, but the photos weren’t up to much.

Daddy stopped, on the outward trip, to bend back the weeds from the blocks where I like to jump up on the embankment. I haven’t done it for a few nights.

Walking up behind Best Hare Paddock, we saw Mr Bare-Bum Bandicoot, but he was fast, and got into the long grass before Daddy had the camera out.

After a couple of hares, we met another bandicoot, who was calm enough to let us get relatively close.

Here’s a shot from a few paces nearer…

And that weed-bending paid off for Daddy and me: we ran the embankment!

My Morning, Monday December 05 2016, by Emmalumpdogg – A Body In Motion

3:00 – Daddy wakes.

3:15 – Thanks to Mum’s preparations, we head off into a conditions-corrected 20.3C (or 68.5°F), 99% humid, (no) rain overnight, no moon and there’s a 22km/h ENE wind. It’s overcast and there’s trace fog.

3:23 – Daddy’s new headtorch shows up a rabbit and a hare, grazing together at Transport Facility gate. Hare leaves quickly.2016-12-05_0326_img_5781z_rabbit-transport-facility

A few birds try pre-dawn practice as we head uphill in the dark.

3:39 – First High Point is deserted again. This is good. On the way downhill, it’s quiet. Just one passing car.

3:52 – Mid-point. No possums, but I spy a hare across the road. Headtorch 1, Hare nil!2016-12-05_0356_img_5783_hare-across-from-underpass

4:01 – Embuggerance – Pass 1 – We cross at the PINGPINGPING. Daddy makes me wait, and won’t press the button till approaching cars or trucks have gone. He showed me a truck doing a late-night red-run on this crossing, once, as we were approaching from uphill.

Up South Best Hare Track. Bandicoot was hiding in the grass. He doesn’t fuss, just walks off, breaking into a run when he thinks it’s best. The light’s a bit hard to shoot moving bandies, so no picture.

There was no other wildlife.2016-12-05_0418_img_9817_overcast-dawn-best-hare-paddock

4:23 – Embuggerance – Pass 2 – Again we wait for a truck, and I get a little skittish.

4:28 – Underpass. I pose, but only momentarily. Aaaaaaaagiiiiiiliiiiiityyyyyyyyy Ruuuuuuuuuunnnnn!2016-12-05_0430_img_5788_emma-embankment-in-motion

4:40 – Trackerland isn’t much fun when no critters are there.

3:53 – Home. Zoomies, pool dip, mud, wash, treats, sleep!

My Morning, Sunday 04 December 2016, by Emmalumpdogg – I Can See Clearly Now

2:31 – Daddy wakes.

2:39 – Mum does her kind things: footwear, love, and caution. We couldn’t go without her help.

We’re out the gate into a conditions-corrected 20.1°C (or 68°F), 65% humid, (no) rain overnight, moonless and there’s a 22km/h E wind. The sky is absolutely clear: what a contrast from last night!

Daddy is still sorting out the new headtorch, and its use in Photography of Night Critters. A hare at the Transport Facility gate becomes a subject.2016-12-04_0246_img_5760-hare-at-transport-facility-gate

That right rear paw is troubling Daddy, and our progress up the hill is a little slower than usual.

2:59 – First High Point is deserted. Downhill we go!

Warehouse kitties hide while we pass, but I swivel back on the leash to watch two of them crossing the road.

3:12 – Mid-point. On the way down to first trip through Underpass, we see Acacia sprinting for a tree. Daddy’s headlight is bright, but he is still learning to steer and control it. Possum isn’t waiting around!2016-12-04_0314_img_5766_acacia-up-tree

3:19 – 3:32 – We only find one decent hare in Best Hare Paddock. I chase him to the extent of my leash. (I understand somebody has ordered a LONG roll of poly webbing… Look out, hares!)

3:37 – Underpass. My Heroic Pose is not empty, and I dash along the embankment above Daddy’s head, as one of our usual friendly truck drivers passes. I hope he is amused.2016-12-04_0338_img_5767_emma-embankment

3:50 – Trackerland’s off for the night. Daddy needs to get off that paw.

4:00 – Home.


12:05 – Snag, the newest baby Butcherbird, shows up on the crossbar.2016-12-04_1205_img_5772_snag-first-feeding