One of Daddy’s Other Little Mates

Little Snag is the youngest of the Pied Butcherbird family that call around to our house for feeding. He (most likely a boy, because he’s already bigger than his mother) is still clad in the grey-and-brown of a very young bird.

His older sibling, Sossidge, is now a dark brown/white juvenile. The adults are black and white.

Snag is quite clever at finding advantageous placements. He landed on the front gate, just as as Daddy, home from the shops, was opening it. You can’t miss a hungry little bird when he represents!

Here’s Snag making sure he’s not overlooked when Daddy climbs the stairs.

Did I mention he’s also very accurate at catching thrown food?

Daddy Is A Shady Character

It was hot as hot! Daddy had to take Mum to a medical appointment, and he wasn’t going to hang around the waiting room, because everybody’s germs seem to LOVE him as a potential new home.

So, Daddy found a parking-spot nearby, but 36°C (97° F) in direct sunlight is a bit too much, even with a good book and some engrossingly-pompous music on the car stereo.

Fortunately, there was a nearby tree…

Daddy even had a good view down the road to where Mum was being poked and prodded.

He did, however, have to share his space with a rude crow.

My Morning, Friday 09 December 2016, by Emma

We were out on the streets again.

I do my best in Best Hare Paddock.

My non-verbal communication is good. Sometimes, I even talk.

I can’t wait for the long tracking lead! The materials arrived the other day.

This fellow was hard for Daddy to photograph.  Powerful Owl

Snag has turned up and actually caught some thrown food from Daddy.

It’s lovely to hear the baby magpies and Snag, practising their big-bird songs.

I get Daddy to come out for birds. He wonders whether it’s because I get a share of the food, or because I like birds.

Then I fetch him anyhow, and don’t bother about the food.

Because life is really about fun, if you can manage it.