10 Jan 2017 – Hoots, Mon, from the Highlands!

First of all, let me say Daddy is stretching the pun too far!

Tawny Frogmouth is NOT an owl, for a start. Also, Frogmouths don’t hoot: they go MOOP-MOOP-MOOP.

Well. at least he was at Second High Point, where Daddy takes all those shots looking over the suburbs to Mount Doom.

And now, in news that really matters…

…Excellent Dogg and Daddy ran the embankment again this morning.

I also behaved myself very well when we encountered the rude, stumbling guest of Mrs Shouts-Loudly-To-Herself-When-All-Alone, and let Daddy tell him in Firm, Polite, Extremely Cold Voice that walking a dog is still allowed round here.