Still Beastly

Daddy couldn’t get a good shot, but the sight of two boy hares, backlit by the huge floodlights of the Transport Facility, all reared up and boxing like they were silly hu-mans on a TV sport broadcast, was truly amazing.

Then there was Antonio Bandicoot. He has a tail, unlike Mister Bare-Bum.

Antonio’s territory seems to be further uphill on the South Best Hare pathway: Bare-Bum stays downhill and crosses on to the railway.

Daddy did an extra-special FAST run with me this morning. He is still going “Ouch” on occasions, but I did so enjoy my agility gallop!

Down near the creek, in Cheeky Rabbit Yard, we saw Kauri Possum up a Silky Oak tree.

Poles Apart

First, Acacia Possum was waiting, just up the street from home.

Most of the walk was photographically unremarkable (Daddy didn’t shoot hares, or Mr Bare-Bum Bandicoot), but I’m glad somebody mowed the weeds at the spot where I jump up for my Embankment Run.

And it seems everybody wants to get in on the act! As we came home, not far from the pole where Acacia had been, Banana was ready to ascend.

A Busy Night

We left at 3AM. Apart from the usual hares, we saw brushtail possums a few times, and we encountered Mister Bare-Bum Bandicoot on the trail south of Best Hare Paddock.

The pair of large hunting doggies, running loose in the dark, were a nuisance for the whole Second High Point section. Daddy picked up a large piece of dead tree in case we needed defending.

I did my usual Face The Threat thing. With the flash from Daddy’s camera as an added deterrent, we eventually got rid of them.

There may be other photos added later. Just for now, here’s one of the Creek Possums, posing under a tree.

EDIT: Also this…


11 Jan 2017 – Night Of The Brushy Tails

If you go out
With Dad and me,
It’s likely that
A Poss will see,
Sequestered up
A nearby tree.

And later, in
A comfy fork,
The Brushtails gather,
And they talk
About what we did
On our walk…

“She startled me
And scared some hares!”
“I saw her jump
The concrete stairs!”
“That torch of his –
It really glares!”

The meeting stops.
The possums jump
For cover
In some leafy clump:
“Look out! It’s Dad
And Emmalump!”

10 Jan 2017 – Hoots, Mon, from the Highlands!

First of all, let me say Daddy is stretching the pun too far!

Tawny Frogmouth is NOT an owl, for a start. Also, Frogmouths don’t hoot: they go MOOP-MOOP-MOOP.

Well. at least he was at Second High Point, where Daddy takes all those shots looking over the suburbs to Mount Doom.

And now, in news that really matters…

…Excellent Dogg and Daddy ran the embankment again this morning.

I also behaved myself very well when we encountered the rude, stumbling guest of Mrs Shouts-Loudly-To-Herself-When-All-Alone, and let Daddy tell him in Firm, Polite, Extremely Cold Voice that walking a dog is still allowed round here.

09 Jan 2017 – The Whole 5500 Yards

Daddy keeps my walks up, regardless of the weather, but last night was mild and not rainy.
We see many odd things, and some turn into reasonable photos.

Unfortunately, the gathering of eight hares at Transport Facility gate last night was not a good photo, although I was personally very excited to see this!
I keep myself well informed about local events.

You see me on the starting blocks a lot. It’s one of my favourite parts of the circuit. Daddy runs too, briefly… then he goes OUCH for a while.